Johnny Cheong

Johnny Cheong, Chiropractor & Town Councilor

Feb 2, 2023

Johnny Cheong, Chiropractor and Co-Owner, along with his wife Brittany Morris, of Sunshine Valley Family Chiropractic spoke on February 2nd sharing insights into his path to Chiropractic medicine, his love of fitness and dragon boat paddling and more recently serving on Town Council. Born in Hong Kong in 1989, he migrated to Canada and graduated from Western University in London, Ontario with a Bachelor's of Science in Medical Cell Biology and a Bachelor's of Health Science in Health Sciences. In 2012, he represented the University of Waterloo in the 8th Club Crew World Championships hosted in Hong Kong. The following year, he qualified to represent Team Canada in the 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships in Hungary, ultimately sweeping gold in the U24 division. He graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 2017. He moved to Osoyoos five years ago. As a practitioner he is now doing more work in geriatric care. Motivated by doing community service, he was elected to Council in 2022. His biggest eye opener? That government processes take time....all the things we don't see...the fantastic staff of the town. He and Brittany have an 11 month old. He declares his plate is now officially full.