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Osoyoos Golf Club GM Doug Robb - Nov 10th

Nov 17, 2022

Doug Robb recapped not only the past year of growth in the post-COVID period of restrictions but also shared plans for a $2.1 million much needed upgrade to the golf course irrigation system. The non-profit organization that employs upwards of 85 people in full season operation utilizes 85% of the town's grey water. The course saw 200,000 rounds of golf in the last three year with current membership of 526 members or roughly 10% of the town population playing about 125,000 of those rounds. Robb is particularly proud of the Club's youth programs. Some of the challenges, like many organizations in the hospitality and recreation industry, are attracting and keeping staff. Affordable seasonal housing remains a big challenge along with providing consistent food and beverage services. Robb hinted at the possibility of some limited tournament play in 2023. A key goal for the non-profit board that operates the Club is to keep golf affordable while being good stewards of the land on which it sits and operates and reinvest its profits for the benefit of the community.