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Richard Little and Double O Bikes

Dec 8, 2022

RC of Osoyoos got the inside track on E-bikes from Richard Little, of Double O Bikes. While Richard is also the Executive Director for the Southern Okanagan Association for Integrated Community Living, E-bikes was the focus today. Richard brought along an entry level ENVO electric assist bike, weighing in at 45 lbs and a price tag of $2670. Richard’s history with E-bike sales began about 15 years ago when they entered the market at around $1200. There wasn’t much of a market at the time, until about 6 years ago with rising interest as a spinoff from Tesla and concerns of the carbon footprint on the environment. Manufacturers Giant and Norco jumped on board and the E-bike craze took off, peaking during COVID. Richard outlined the features of the bikes that have torque or cadence assist propulsion systems. The two wheelers now have multi-purposes from mountain bikes to city bikes, with different battery sizes/life and ranges of 100 to 200 kms or more. The price points vary as well, adding that there are some good deals on used bikes. The key demographic market for the bikes is aging baby boomers. Double O Bikes is a Social Enterprise, meaning it is a community driven shop, run and operated by a not-for-profit organization (Southern Okanagan Association for Integrated Community Living), so 100% of proceeds are donated back to those with special needs in our communities! Thank you Richard for taking us on this electrifying ride.